Stellar Midi Star Black Quartz Ring - SVP

1.599,00 kr


Transport your hands into cosmic space with our mix of mystic gemstones and galaxy motif adjustable ring collection. Our Stellar Midi expandable rings feature stars, lightning bolt and arrow motifs mixed with our most popular gemstones.

Each adjustable ring comes with a bespoke SVP gift box and gemstone meaning card.

It's all in the detail:

Gemstone size: 12mm x 12mm approx.
Metal: Recycled Sterling Silver
Size: Fits any finger

How to size SVP adjustable rings

Size is everything. To keep your SVP rings in tip top condition please use our ring sizer to size all our rings. Please see our care instructions for more details.

Crystal Meaning

Black Quartz – Make me happy

Black Quartz is a powerful protective crystal that can ward off negativity which might otherwise affect your body, heart, mind and soul. It helps to cleanse your aura so you attract only positive vibrations. This amazing stone can restore balance and bring happiness into your life.

Chakra: All.