Stakken Saus - Vestland Chili

249,00 kr

Stakken Saus, an uncompromising hot sauce from the notorious Løvstakken neighborhood in Bergen.

Through an extensive process involving a lot of love and passion we’re happy to present your new favorite hot sauce. A balanced explosion of flavors to give any dish a tasty kick.

Made with fresh Habanero and Carolina Reaper as the base, with carrots, sweet peppers and a blend of our own roasted spices for balance. Added to this is our perfect formula with just the right amount of garlic, onion and vinegar to complete the symphony.

We have even taken the time to remove most of the seeds from the chilies by hand. Whilst laborious and fairly time consuming, we believe it is 100% worth it to get the right sweet taste. This refined mix is sure to appeal to hot sauce connoisseurs the world over.

The fermentation process blends all the tastes perfectly together, and no Stakken Saus is fermented any less than two months.

We are quite proud of the end result and hope you enjoy it too!

Extremely hot and tasty, you only need a little for a big difference!

-No artificial colours

-No artificial thickeners or bulking agents

-No added sugar

-100% Vegan