Bivoks Brød pose Large - Mi + Moe

399,00 kr

This beeswax bread bag, Scandinavian-style, is made of eco-certified cotton, organic jojoba and coconut-oil, beeswax and resin. Handmade in Norway where we take our bread very seriously. It keeps your bread fresh, without the use of plastic and is 100% biodegradable after finished use.

Perfect for bread, and all your baked goods. You can also  freeze food in it. Not suited for raw meat, fish or hot food. Re-use it many times, just rinse with cold water or brush off with a clean dish-cloth, store dry and it can last up to a year or longer. Never ever put in washing-machine, dish-washer or dryer as the wax will melt.

Approx 40 cm tall and 29 cm wide. Will take on a worn look after use, makes it even more beautiful!

The bags comes in various beautiful colours. We cannot guarantee a particular colour, but will do our best to send you the colour of your choice if you let us know which you'd prefer.

mi+moe is based in Bergen, Norway after starting up in Vancouver in 2018. 

Thanks for your interest and thank you for choosing a product that will help reduce our use of single-use products and plastic.